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Zwift Grand Prix - Current Overall Team Standings

Zwift Grand Prix - Race #3 results

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Zwift Grand Prix - Race #2 results

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Zwift Grand Prix - Race #1 results (annulled)

Zwift Grand Prix Men's Results
Zwift Grand Prix Women's Results
Race 1 results have been annulled.  A statement from Zwift went out to racers today. 

"Many of you are already aware that during the race on Thursday, October 19, steering and braking were inadvertently enabled. As per the race book, Zwift Grand Prix races should have steering and braking disabled. This was a genuine human error, but the mistake is on us.


Consequently, many racers took part with steering enabled. Given this should have been auto-disabled upon entering the pens, there is no suspicion of foul play or a deliberate attempt to gain an unfair advantage.


We take seriously our responsibility to deliver racing that meets your expectations and upholds the highest standards of cycling esports competition. To that end, we’ve determined that the following corrective actions are necessary to address concerns raised:

  • No series points will be awarded for the race on Oct. 19

  • We will award double points for the final event of the series 

  • Because we greatly value your time in participating in our races, we will increase each team’s start bonus by $500 


Additionally, we are taking further steps to eliminate the kind of error that led to steering being turned on for this event. 


We apologize for our error and hope that you’re as excited as we are about the remaining rounds of the Zwift Grand Prix!


Zwift Race Team"

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